Nokia's firmware changing bluetooth mac address

I own a Nokia X6 16Gb, and the other day, software update remind me that a new version is ready for download.

I download and install it, and after that, I realise that bluetooth's mac address was changed!

Weird but true. The version is 40.0.002, with date 12-10-2011.
Does anyone else has that experience?

Nokia, why is that?

Introducing, the jReCo

After a lot of R&D and some user requests, I'd like to present the jReCo! A wireless home control station.

jReCo Description:
USB radio frequency transceiver that plugs into your computer and let you control remotely multiple devices that operates at 433/315MHz such as plug socket receivers.

Turn on/off your lights, radios, routers, hubs, fans, etc from your computer. You can automate anything that runs on electricity and can plug into a remote socket receiver.

jaNET Support:
  • Control almost any remote socket receiver
  • Control from anywhere in the world
  • Schedule your appliances
  • Receive/Transmit signals
  • Possible to develop your own application

jReCo is compatible with just about every remote control socket receiver in the market.
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

  • Connection: USB
  • Range: ~30m
  • Power: 5V (USB powered)
  • Frequency: 433MHz/315MHz (Depending your location)

Some images can be found here.

If you're interested please visit Product page.