Got lucky with Kawasaki

Past Sunday (9 Aug 2009) a friend of mine went on vacations and left me his motorcycle a Kawasaki ZX-10 '07, so we arrange with another friend go for a ride and check it out. I was very exited because mine was out for service (Yamaha R1) and I had the opportunity to check out the ZX-10 and the GSX-R of other friend.

We went to Arachova and everything was great til returning. When we left mountains and lots of turns we rich the highway and decide in some part of the road to open the throttle a little bit, so we accelerate and at around 230km/h I realize that something was wrong with the back side and start decelerating but in 200km/h the bike started to "dance"! I tried not to panic and be as calm as I could to make very precise handlings in result to stop it.

Fortunately everything ended well and I'm just fine!

The mechanic told us that he found a piece of metal stuck in the tire and in combination with roads high temp it cause the tire to "burn".

Incident in pictures...